Nocturnal Animals.

This is a cynical movie that’s about upper class white people and I love it and the superficial drama they create around themselves. Everything about it is so dry and raw, it leaves you feeling like sandpaper has been rubbed all over your body at the end. It’s a movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome and ended the exact moment I was hoping it would.

The structure is almost perfect in its rigidity (probably because it’s an adaptation of a book), the cinematography is sublime and perfectly contextualises the character’s view point, the characters aren’t necessarily relatable but you most definitely know or have met people like these character and they are wholly believable. The main actors are diverse and dynamic in their portrayals (Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal), but some of the background characters are a little lacking but it feels in theme with the overall character of the movie and the culture it explores.

The most interesting part of the movie are to two storylines that run parallel and the way that they interact with each other, foreshadowing, mirroring and the way they effect each other is enthralling.

It’s well worth a watch even if it does come off a little pretentious from time to time, but the characters portrayed are pretentious so if you can get over that then go watch it.


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